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Meeting Space & Use of Grounds Policy


Meeting Space:

A meeting space on the 2nd floor of the library, accessible by elevator and stairs, is available for public use. The space is located in the children’s department, but may be closed to library patrons when reserved by an outside party. The space is available for non-commercial purposes during normal operating hours. Usage outside normal operating hours must be requested at least one week in advance and approved by the director. All users of this space must abide by the library’s regular policies, as well as the following guidelines:

  1. All library programs, meetings and events hold priority.
  2. The meeting space can be reserved as early as three months or as late as 48 hours in advance, subject to availability.
  3. Groups are responsible for setting up chairs and tables in the area and restoring it to its original condition before leaving the building, including trash removal.
  4. No fee, admission charge, or donations are permitted for entrance to the event. A fee may be charged to cover the cost of materials/supplies used during the event. No products or services may be advertised, solicited, or sold in meeting space.
  5. Meeting space users must provide a contact name and phone number when the reservation is made.
  6. The library assumes no responsibility for personal belongings or for injuries incurred during non-library events.
  7. The meeting space may not be used for any unlawful purposes.
  8. An adult (18 years or older) must be in attendance when minors are present.
  9. Use of the space does not constitute library endorsement of the viewpoints expressed by participants in the event.
  10. Literature may only be distributed to people attending the event.
  11. No group or organization using the space will discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or handicapped status.
  12. Events in meeting space must not interfere with regular library operations or cause a disturbance in the library.
  13. Persons attending events who bring children requiring supervision should not leave children unattended.
  14. Library staff must have free access to the space at all times.
  15. No display, banners, charts, etc. may be attached to the walls or ceilings.
  16. Use of materials that have the potential to stain the area must be approved by library staff.
  17. The library’s name and address may not be used as the official address or headquarters of the group or organization in meeting space.
  18. Food or non-alcoholic beverages may be served, but no cooking or open flames are allowed on the premises. Food already prepared in slow cookers/roasters is allowed.
  19. Organizers must bring their own supplies, such as tablecloths, refreshments, and paper goods.
  20. All events must end 10 minutes before closing, or have prior approval by director.
  21. Exceptions to these policies are permissible only by approval from the Johnston Public Library Board of Trustees.


Use of Grounds:

  1. Use of the library grounds must be approved by the Library Director.
  2. Library events hold priority.
  3. Only pre-approved structures and vehicles will be allowed on the grounds.
  4. Trimming or removal of trees/plants is not allowed without the consent of the Board of Trustees as given through the Library Director.
  5. Any individual or organization will be held responsible for security, damage to the grounds or building, and for clearing trash/structures/vehicles within 24 hours of the event.

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